Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ready or not? {Finding Happy ? On Bramble Hill

Here she comes.
Or at least that is the rumor. ?Is it just me or is Sandy taking her sweet sweet time actually getting out of here.
I have never watched such a sloooooowwwwwwww moving storm.
But alas?she is whacking us right now.

Since I moved here 20 some years ago I have now sat through many a hurricane or tropical storm and we ALWAYS lose power.
Normally anywhere from 2-14 days. ?So you will understand my less than enthusiastic attitude this go around.
I can?t help but remember last years hurricane and being VERY pregnant. ?No power?lots of heat..lots of contractions.
It was a nightmare.

This year I get to enjoy the peace that comes with no power.
I actually, secretly, don?t mind it sometimes.
Being without power is a forced ?time out?. ?You spend much of your day trying to figure out how to just feed the masses.
It?s a time we all slow down and talk to our neighbors?sitting in yards watching the kids all play outside.
Or neighbor helping neighbor pick up the debris and fix up siding/roofing/ cutting downed trees up.
Or endless hours of family board games.
I have already told everyone in the house that I WILL be winning all Yahtzee rounds tonight. ?For sure.

I suppose secretly ?no power? is kindof ?ok? with me?for a day or two.
That 14 days?.not so much.

That was the game changer in motherhood for me?Isabelle.
She changed things.
I was reminded of just how much she changed me this week, well before I knew there was a ?Sandy?.
I was leaving our playgroup Halloween party to take all three kids to the Pumpkin Patch. ?One of the mothers looked at me and asked ?You are taking ALL THREE by yourself!! To a pumpkin patch!??.
I answered with a ?Heck yeah!? and it didn?t really hit me until later that there was a time that I would never have thought this would be possible. ?A time before Isabelle when taking two babies by myself anywhere seemed?insane.

Isabelle made it not a choice though. ?She taught me bunches about myself.
It all started when she hit us?
We knew she was going to be a big storm but didn?t realize until a few hours before just how?big she was going to be.

At the time we lived in the ?white house? as we all call it now. ?It was smack in the middle of the woods. ?The night it hit we all curled up together in the living room.

The night was horrid. ?When storms hit in the dark it just stinks!
We could hear the trees crashing down all around us but we couldn?t see them?all we could do was huddle in the house.
I remember finally putting Haley in her crib around 4am and laying on the floor beside her because I didn?t want to leave her alone in her room in case something happened.
Adam snoozed on the couch no problem.
We all came out the next morning to find this?.

We had 9 trees down in the front and the back?all up by the root ball.
This is what ?up by the roots? looks like?

What the heck do you do with that?
The homeowners insurance does not cover tree removal unless it is on your house FYI.

One big old hot mess?.

The roads to get out of our neighborhood?ugh?nightmare.

Within two days of no power and no running water (we were on well water at the time)?.the babies and adults were done.
The kids were filthy?anyone with a toddler knows how dirty these little people can get within five seconds outside.
Going days without water was becoming a huge problem with these little people.

We made the decision that I would pack up the 3 year old and toddler up and head down to Daryl parents beach house in Kill Devil Hills N.C.
They had taken the eye of the storm but being a beach town?they were very prepared and already had power again. ?You could only get on the island if you had the resident sticker?which I had.
I was terrified. ?I had never been alone with the babes longer than a day or two.
Could I survive for an unknown amount of days?alone? ?No help or even hint of help within hours of the beach.
Our choices where so limited though?because all of Richmond was without power.
I saw a fist fight over ice?.that was the last straw.
It was time to take the babies somewhere safer. ?I packed them up and went on my way.
Leaving Daryl behind since he still had to go to work everyday. ?It was tough!

We got to the beach?not really sure what I would find there. ?They had clearly been whacked?

But they really did seem to be better off than Richmond was.
The first few days were tough. ?Trying to get them to take naps?bedtimes?three square meals?no down time for me.
By the third day though I had it figured out.
I learned to let go.
Be present.
And just enjoy this time with them.
Going out everyday and playing on the beach?


We discovered the best places to view sunsets together each night?

I learned that eating sand?
Rolling in sand?
Basically being covered in sand from head to toe?
Was ok. ?They would survive it and have fun and remember this time as?magical.


Daryl made it down towards the end of the 12 days?of just me and kids.
Poor fella had not been having fun and we were all so happy to see him and have him back with us?

We showed him our new ?secret spots? ?
Our sunsets?

In the end we finally got out power back?
We went home and back to daily life?
But I never stopped taking these kids away?all by myself. ?We go often on ?mommy adventures?.
They are magic you know.
Every mother should know the joy of just ?being? with their children.

Hopefully most mothers don?t require a huge natural disaster to teach them that they have these skills?
they may just not have used them yet.

And yes?I have the pumpkin patch pictures coming up. ?We had a fantastic adventure as always and I even ended up carrying like 9?pumpkins?at the same time. ?The kids never forget these moments you know;-)
Now to see how long we keep power tonight.
It maybe several days without again?if it is?
I may just be packing them all up and hitting the beach again.
I am dying to see how my beloved island has managed to survive this storm:-(




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Sandy Stimulus? Don't bet on it. - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals ...

By Anne VanderMey, reporter

The remains of scaffolding from above a Starbucks in lower Manhattan.

FORTUNE -- There are economic losers and winners after any natural disaster. This week, restaurants, movie theaters, airlines, and department stores will lose billions as Hurricane Sandy leaves millions without power and access to transportation.

Home Depot (HD), on the other hand, is likely to see a bumper quarter, providing generators and heavy-duty flashlights to many of the estimated 60 million people hit by the storm.

But whether the economy as a whole wins or loses is up for debate. Some analysts are arguing that Sandy could act as a kind of grisly stimulus package, mostly thanks to the billions of dollars that will be spent repairing flood and wind damage. The idea isn't totally out there: unemployment in post-Katrina New Orleans actually fell in the aftermath of the storm. And some academics say that reconstruction after storms in well-prepared areas can boost the economy.

But storms in general, and this one in particular, rarely deliver the kind of stimulus Keynesians are hoping for this week.

One-off catastrophes tend to have a negligible long-term effect on the larger economy, positive or negative, even when there is a tragic human cost. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, while regional unemployment dipped, national GDP growth slowed, if only slightly, says Erwann Michel-Kerjan, co-director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center. Sandy, orders of magnitude smaller, will hardly register on the national radar.

MORE:?Why the NYSE flip-flopped on electronic trading

Regionally, there's reason to be bearish on Sandy. Conservative estimates of the storm's cost from risk management firm Eqecat range from $10 billion (about what 2011's Hurricane Irene cost) to $20 billion (closer to what Hurricane Ike in 2008 cost). Michel-Kerjan says that some 60% of those costs will likely come from lost business. That's a reversal from past natural disasters, where some 40% of the cost has typically come from lost businesses, with the rest coming from damaged property. Sandy is different, Michel-Kerjan says, because it has shut down several major population centers for an extended period of time and, unlike Hurricane Irene, it hit during the workweek.

The result? Billions in lost revenue. And unlike the bills for repairing property damage, which benefit other parts of the economy, much of the lost business revenue will never be recouped. Take Starbucks (SBUX), which closed its New York stores during the storm. "You're not going to go out and buy twice as much coffee on Wednesday [when the storm lets up]," says Evan Gold, a senior vice president at weather consulting firm Planalytics.

Some of the costs will be transferred to other businesses. For example, Outback Steakhouse's loss could be Kroger's (KR) gain. But that's a zero-sum game for the economy, or worse, if consumers don't spend as much on the meal. "People are shifting and changing, but in many cases they lose out on an opportunity to do something," Gold says. That's especially meaningful just before the holiday season. Says Gold: "Macy's is not going to get days like this back. It's November. Every day counts."

Along with Macy's (M), apparel companies like Gap (GPS) and J. Crew are also in for a hit. Others losers include jewelry retailers, casual restaurants, and entertainment destinations, like movie theaters, casinos and theme parks, according to Planalytics. For just about all major retailers, at least 10% of their locations will be affected by the storm. For some, it's higher. BJ's has 54% of its stores in Sandy's path, Macy's has 25%, Sears (SHLD) has 19%, and Target (TGT) has 16%.

Not everyone is a post-Sandy business loser, though. Wal-Mart (WMT), Target, and Safe Way (SWY) will likely get a bump. Drugstores could also get a boost, as people stock up on prescriptions, along with quick-service restaurants like McDonald's (MCD),?particularly those locations along evacuation routes.

Some individual products will see an uptick. Planalytics predicts that consumer demand for bagged ice in Boston will rise 133% between Oct. 27 and November 1. Demand for dehumidifiers in New York could rise 111%. And demand for rain gear in Cleveland is projected to increase by 91%. On Amazon (AMZN), the sales rank of solar-powered and hand-cranked smartphone chargers soared over the weekend.

Gold says that grocery stores are often not affected by storms, despite the must-talked-about runs on bottled water. Lost foot traffic and reduced sales afterward usually cancel out the initial gains.

MORE:?U.S. markets will stay closed

With flood levels reaching four or five feet in some cities, the total property damage bills are likely to be vast. Eqecat predicts that insurance will cover about half of the total cost of the storm (though that figure is less of a boon for a region that's also home to the bulk of the country's insurance companies). Government aid, too, will provide some lift to battered homeowners and businesses. In recent history, public officials have occasionally taken a no-holds-barred approach to reviving growth, providing low-interest loans and credit for post-disaster home repair. But there are a few reasons that may not be the case this time.

Howard Kunreuther, another co-director at Wharton's risk management center, has studied government assistance to affected areas post-crisis, and says that, this year, policymakers may feel pressure to keep payouts low in light of mounting government debt. Another wildcard: Kunreuther's research shows that disasters before an election draw more government relief than disasters after an election. He notes that, at the moment, politicians are vowing to rush to the region's aid. Kunreuther is doubtful, though, that Congress will be able to make a move before the Nov. 6 elections.

Still, there may yet be a silver lining for the economy. The storm could prompt an increase in spending on weather-ready buildings and infrastructure in preparation for future disasters. Those types of investments could lift the economy more than post-crisis repairs -- and are more likely to actually save lives. "Spending before the disaster is really where you have the best return on investment," says Wharton's Michel-Kerjan. The challenge is generating enthusiasm in the absence of a calamity. "No one wants to go to Wal-Mart if there's not a hurricane on the news," he said.

Michel-Kerjan projects the costs to sufficiently storm-proof the entire United States would be in the trillions of dollars. By comparison, the potential costs and profits from a storm like Sandy look like a rounding error. Stimulus, indeed.

Source: http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2012/10/30/sandy-stimulus-dont-bet-on-it/

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Green Blog: Learning to Live With Urban Coyotes

Only a few decades ago, Wile E. Coyote in hapless pursuit of Road Runner may have been the most readily conjured image of Canis latrans, the coyote, for most city dwellers. But increasingly, residents of urban and suburban areas are having firsthand experience with coyotes in their own yards, parks and neighborhoods.

Coyotes now inhabit every state in the country except Hawaii, eating mostly rodents, rabbits, and fruit while making their homes between apartment buildings and in industrial parks and popular recreation areas in metropolitan areas from New York City to Chicago to San Francisco. Recent research suggests that coyotes could prove to be just the first of a wave of larger carnivores ? bears, cougars, and wolves ? moving into residential areas.

?There?s a number of things that coyotes really find to their liking in suburban communities, more than adjacent wild areas,? said Robert Timm, a wildlife specialist and the director of the University of California?s Hopland Research and Extension Center. Food set out continually for a pet or stray cat, fallen fruit left in the yard, a small dog running off-leash or a cat allowed to wander the neighborhood, a bird feeder stocked year-round ? all of these things can attract coyotes.

?It may only take one person feeding coyotes to develop a really aggressive one,? Mr. Timm said in a phone interview. ?If some people are just ignoring them and coyotes are finding a lot of resources, they can start to think, ?Oh, this is a really good place to be. I own this neighborhood now.??

A bold coyote that lacks a natural wariness of humans can be a problematic one. But according to Camilla Fox, founder and executive director of Project Coyote, an organization based in Larkspur, Calif., that seeks to promote appreciation of coyotes and minimize lethal control, the animals? behavior is often misinterpreted. ?I may see a coyote in my neighborhood, and recognize that coyote is moving through, looking for a mate,? she said. ?A neighbor might say that coyote is a danger.?

Founded in 2008, Project Coyote works with communities to develop ?coexistence plans? that focus on strategic hazing, or training residents, animal control officers and parks staff to use consistent and persistent deterrents like loud noises, water spraying, bright lights, throwing objects, shouting and chasing coyotes.

Denver adopted a hazing-based management plan three years ago, sending out teams, for example, to scare off coyotes that had taken to trotting after joggers in a public park. And according to a case study prepared by wildlife specialists with the Humane Society of the United States and Denver?s Parks and Recreation Department, officials report that hazing has successfully reversed ?aggressive and undesirable behaviors in coyote family groups and solitary coyotes, reduching pet attacks in neighborhoods and reducing the overall number of complaints from residents.?

In Denver, the killing of coyotes was reserved as a last resort ? an action to be taken only in response to human attacks ? but no lethal control has been used since the hazing program began in 2009. According to the case study, ?one of the novel and cost-savings aspects of the program is its hands-on and empowering nature ? it gives local residents the ability and confidence to address coyote conflicts in their own backyards, without outside help.? Similar programs are being developed or put into effect around the country.

Ms. Fox said that education was crucial. ?Whether it?s coyotes, mountain lions, or bears, in urban areas ? particularly when law enforcement are the first responders ? they may dispatch an animal, kill an animal that didn?t necessarily need to be killed, wasn?t necessarily a public safety threat and simply needed to be hazed away.?

When coyotes come to town, attitudes are often polarized. ?People have very strong opinions on coyotes and carnivores in general ? very strong support, and very strong negative attitudes, some of which may be unjustified,? said Paul Curtis, a wildlife biologist at Cornell University who co-led a five-year-long study of coyote behavior in Westchester County in New York.

But while the long-running battle over how best to protect and manage another, larger carnivore ? the wolf ? has often pitted environmentalists and animal welfare groups against sportsmen and ranchers, much of the debate over urban coyote management is now playing out at a local level. ?Coyotes are more opportunistic and harder to deal with than wolves are,? Mr. Timm said. ?They are much more clever, in come cases able to adapt to new situations and able to outsmart control efforts.?

Through hunting, trapping, and poisoning, people were able to nearly wipe out wolves in the continental United States, he added. Coyotes survived.

Research in the 1970?s registered generally negative attitudes toward both coyotes and wolves among the American public. Later, a 1985 study out of Yale University found that survey respondents ranked coyotes and wolves as the least-liked animals ? below skunks, vultures, rats, rattlesnakes, mosquitoes, and cockroaches (dogs ranked as the most liked).

Although attitudes vary among different segments of the population residents in at least some regions, including Minnesota, New England, Colorado, and Michigan developed generally positive attitudes toward wolves and coyotes in the 1980?s and 1990?s.

?Although there?s been a general trend toward greater tolerance for wildlife and large carnivores in particular in U.S. society, that?s not a one-way street,? said Adrian Treves, founder and director of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. ?That tolerance can reverse.?

Mr. Treves, who studies conflicts between humans and carnivores and also serves on the advisory board for Project Coyote, has tracked such a reversal in Wisconsin. Recent surveys, he said, suggest that attitudes toward wolves over an eight-year period turned more negative in a variety of measures.

The data show increased fear of the wolves, a greater sense of competitiveness with them in hunting or trapping for deer, and an increased inclination to kill them illegally, as well as greater approval for the state to kill wolves for purposes of depredation and for a public hunting season.

Not surprisingly, coyote incidents reported close to home, if not experienced firsthand, can have a strong influence on attitudes toward the animals. ?People are initially really excited, or at least intrigued: ?I want to see what their behavior is, and where they live, and what they eat, what their pups are like,?? Mr. Timm said.

?But if your pet gets bitten, or your cat gets killed and you find parts of it on your front lawn in the morning, then you have a whole different conception of whether it?s good to have coyotes in the community,? he said.

Mr. Treves said he had witnessed that kind of shift in sentiment very close to home. In Madison, Wis., he lives with his family beside a 90-acre park where coyotes have made their home for at least 15 years. ?We hear coyotes and their pups every year, and it?s a noise we love,? he said.

But in 2009, coyotes attacked two dogs on the west side of town. ?It caused quite a bit of alarm among neighbors, and I was right there in the audience, listening to the experts, trying to get a handle on what was going on in my own community,? Mr. Treves said. For nearly a year afterward, the family golden retriever was kept inside at night. His family was vigilant about leaving more lights on in the yard after dark and making sure no food was left outside to attract coyotes.

?People are coming into contact with coyotes in a setting that?s novel,? he said. ?And novelty often creates fear and uncertainty.?

?Go an hour outside Madison, they?re used to seeing coyotes and there wouldn?t be an outcry? on the level Madison experienced after those two dog attacks, Mr. Treves said.

According to a paper by Cornell researchers who surveyed residents of four Westchester towns before and after two coyote attacks on children in July 2010 in that New York county, ?residents were aware that coyotes could harm pets? at the time of the first survey in the autumn of 2006. ?But the possibility of harm to people was a hypothetical risk until the events during summer 2010.?

The fall after the attacks, nearly half of respondents in each of two study areas (Somers and Yorktown, two rural-suburban towns along the county?s northern border, and Mount Pleasant and Greenburgh, two more densely populated towns along the southwestern edge) expressed ?great concern? about the threat to small children. Four years earlier, only about 37 percent had expressed that sentiment.

More than a year after the attacks, the worries had not subsided. The community?s concern about coyotes and perception of risk, the study?s authors wrote, appeared to have been elevated to ?a new norm.?

?The reality is coyotes are incredibly adaptable, intelligent, resilient animals, and they have learned how to coexist with us,? Ms. Fox said. ?But we?re still trying to figure out how to coexist with them.?

Source: http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/24/learning-to-live-with-urban-coyotes/?partner=rss&emc=rss

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Protesters storm Libya congress after prime minister presents government

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Protesters stormed Libya's national assembly on Tuesday, forcing the cancellation of a vote on a proposed coalition government named by the country's new prime minister just hours earlier.

Fewer than 100 people, made up of civilians and former rebel fighters, charged into the meeting hall of the General National Congress as it voted on Prime Minister Ali Zeidan's cabinet line-up, which was drawn from liberal and Islamist parties.

In chaotic televised scenes, congress members negotiated with the protesters, unhappy with some of the nominations, to leave. Voting then briefly resumed before being interrupted a second time, leading congress leader Mohammed Magarief to announce the session was postponed to Wednesday.

"Let it be known to all Libyans and to the whole world in what conditions we are working in," Magarief said.

For Zeidan to take office, the congress has to approve his transitional government, which will focus on restoring security in the oil-producing country where many militias have yet to disarm since Gaddafi's overthrow last year.

Zeidan's transitional government would replace an interim administration appointed in November after Gaddafi's death.

Some ministers come from the liberal National Forces Alliance or the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, the Justice and Construction Party, the two biggest parties in the 200-member congress. Others are independents.

Aware of Libya's sharp regional tensions, Zeidan said he had tried to strike a geographic balance among his 27 ministers.

"No region has been favored over any other," he told congress earlier on Tuesday. "We don't want to repeat mistakes or provoke the street."

Congress elected Zeidan prime minister this month after his predecessor, Mustafa Abushagur, lost a confidence vote on his choice of ministers, criticized inside and outside the assembly.

A former career diplomat who defected in the 1980s to become an outspoken Gaddafi critic, Zeidan will govern the country while the congress, elected in July, passes laws and helps draft a new constitution to be put to a national referendum next year.


Outgoing Defense Minister Osama al-Juwali exposed the scale of the security challenge facing Libya's new rulers when he said on Monday the government had no control over Bani Walid, a former Gaddafi stronghold captured by militia forces supposedly loyal to Tripoli on October 24.

Juwali said he had tried to visit the town, but troops accompanying him had been denied access. This, he said, showed that "the chief of staff has no control over the town, and this might mean armed men won't allow civilians to go back".

Five days earlier, the army chief of staff had announced the end of military operations in Bani Walid, one of the last towns to fall to rebels in last year's war, but which some militias had accused of still sheltering Gaddafi supporters.

Zeidan nominated Ali Aujali, Libya's ambassador to the United States, as foreign minister; Mohammed al-Barghathi, who served in the Libyan air force, as defense minister; and Abdelbari al-Arusi as oil minister.

Libyan oil industry sources said Arusi, in his 50s and from the western town of Zawiyah, studied chemical engineering and is said to have worked in several Libyan oil companies. He has a Masters and PhD from Britain.

Ashur Shuwail, nominated interior minister, was chief of police in Benghazi last year. Alikilani al-Jazi, with a background in accounting, banking and finance, was proposed as finance minister. Salah Marghani was named justice minister.

Zeidan said his nominees for the defence, interior, justice, foreign affairs, international cooperation and finance portfolios were independents. The list included two women to head the social affairs and tourism ministries.

(Additional reporting by Taha Zargoun; Writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian; Editing by Alistair Lyon and Jason Webb)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/protesters-storm-libyan-congress-votes-government-173019867.html

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Study: Financial Stress Burdens Minority Faculty

Black, Latino, and Asian-American faculty at four-year public colleges and universities, particularly those who are not tenured, worry more about personal finances than their white counterparts, a survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California (Los Angeles) shows.

Blacks (72.5 percent) and Latinos (69.2 percent) are more likely than their white counterparts (64.7 percent) to indicate personal finances are the source of their work-life stress.

Faculty without tenure feel even more strain since they generally face additional demands in trying to climb the career ladder, pressured by publishing and research beyond their teaching responsibilities, said Sylvia Hurtado, UCLA professor and director of HERI. ?Stress levels vary significantly whether or not they have tenure.?

The results of the survey are based on responses from nearly 23,800 full-time faculty at 417 institutions.

This survey is the first to ask faculty about their level of worry regarding budget cuts in their schools. More than 85 percent of Native American faculty said they were stressed about the financial cuts in their schools, followed by multiracial faculty at 80.5 percent.

Financial cuts in public institutions have slashed departments and programs and have ended automatic annual pay increases for faculty at some schools. ?

Those circumstances, Hurtado says, can add to the level of dissatisfaction at work, which can lead some faculty to seek jobs in private institutions with comparable pay and other perks, such as tuition remission for their children.

Blacks, at 63.6 percent, are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to indicate subtle discrimination as their main source of stress. Meanwhile, whites are more likely to indicate that their colleagues stress them out.?

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/study-financial-stress-burdens-minority-faculty-142343295--politics.html

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The Goodness of a Ideal weight Loss Diet regime | aayahanolosha.net

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Fit into a new pair of denim jeans that is 2 sizes smaller compared to your current dimensions! This week all of us present you with the best and most secure way to lose weight and keep it off ? the natural weight reduction eating plan.

We?d all like to shed weight and drop it rapid. The easiest way out, we think, is usually to follow a diet program ? eat fewer, exercise more. Soon, we are sick and tired with the dietary fad that shows little or no end result and we are rapid to throw away the diet plan down the wayside until one more fad diet will begin doing your rounds. Nevertheless, did you know you may save yourself the particular agony by just switching to some natural weight burning diet?

Ideal weight loss diet plan ? described

Eating healthy is often a way of life that really needs some doing. Your serving sizes of meals must consist of foods from all of the food communities: fruits, greens, whole grains, seeds and nuts, lean meats as well as low calorie work schedule products need to form portion of your regular eating habits. Experts advocate eating significant servings of fruits and vegetables and properly so. Fruit and veggies are the richest source of supplements, minerals in addition to fiber and that is good for your system.

Nothing in everyday life is easy! Shifting over from a current fatty, healthy diet plan to a natural slim fast to lose weight would be certainly not easy. The advice will be to make a small change each day and complete the task over a period of every week. For example, decrease your fat consumption (deep fried meals, cookies, pastries, pop) and replace it with tasty crunchy colourful salads in addition to low fat whole milk or non-flavored, non-sweetened yogurt. Replace soft drink with all-natural, freshly produced fruit juice.

Fruits and veggies make up the Recommended weight Loss Diet program

According to MyPlate, the current nutrition guide of the US Team of Agriculture, your food menu must consist of 30% whole grain, 30% greens, 20% lean meats or maybe proteins in addition to 20% of fruit with a little portion of dairy foods. USDA advises that you load half your current plate along with fruits and vegetables. This is in keeping with a natural weight loss program. Vegetables and fruit are great for an individual. Not only do they provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals, they also give you the essential roughage. Vegetables and fruit are much much easier to digest as an alternative to meat.

Perhaps it is a strategy to look at fruits and veggies as a natural weight loss programs. From rosy red oatmeal to reddish bell peppers and also leafy greens, you have it almost all in a great number of color. Certainly, your cheap slim fast online dishes are a riot of color; surely considerably more appetizing when compared with some of the dreary and boring foods you might have to endure in case you are on a certain diet along with weight loss diet program.

Natural Weight Damage Diet: Eat Natural Food rather than Processed Foods

Make means for wholesome organic foods in your daily diet. Use wholesome in your preparing rather than sophisticated flours. Substitute white bread using whole wheat loaves of bread. Use honey to enhance your cocktails rather than refined sugars. Seed based protein found in insane and dried beans are a more sensible choice than necessary protein from creature sources. Stay well hydrated (at least 8-10 glasses) everyday. Not only does normal water keep you hydrated, it helps remove the toxins out of your body. Select iced organic tea or green tea rather than colas along with shakes.

And ultimately, complement the Natural Weight Damage Diet along with Exercise

To shed pounds, you must support your recommended weight loss diet with physical exercise. While some individuals may wish to go to the gymnasium regularly, other individuals may want to include the exercising in their each day routine by simply cycling or maybe walking to operate. Yet others may well join a yoga exercise class or perhaps walk canine daily. The hot button is to pick out a physical activity that you like and one that could be easily included in your daily routine.

Take a look at also for and Weight management packages on slim-fast.us

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Chinese protest factory even after official pledge

NINGBO, China (AP) ? Protests against the expansion of a factory are resuming in an eastern China city despite a local government pledge to halt the project.

About 200 protesters gathered outside Ningbo government offices Monday for a fourth straight day of protests. Police channeled the crowd from the front of the building off to a side street.

The protests have occasionally featured violent clashes between protesters and police, who have detained some demonstrators. On Sunday night, the government promised to halt the expansion of the ethylene plant belonging to state-run Sinopec, though the crowd continued to protest, leaving only late in the night.

The protest, the latest on environmental issues, comes as China's authoritarian government wants calm for a transfer of power in the Communist Party leadership at a party congress that starts Nov. 8.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/chinese-protest-factory-even-official-pledge-030852625.html

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Long distance relationship

I have been in a relationship for seven months now. Four of those months we have been long distance, I am now in Indonesia and she is still in China. We have an amazing relationship when we are together but when we're apart I am the problem. I worry excessively. Not that she will be unfaithful or anything like that. I trust her. We have known each other for four years and been friends who grew closer for two of those years. Each of us was secretly falling in love with the other but neither of us had the nerve to outright tell each other how we felt.

It built to a head and we finally ended up getting together. For the first time in my life someone loved me for who I really am. All my other relationships, including three marriages, were all built on me not being myself but being who I thought the other person would love. I would say what I thought I should, do what I thought I should and in the end grew more and more resentful poisoning the relationships because I thought deep down I was broken and unlikeable or loveable because of childhood issues.

All that is different with her.

But when we're apart I am overly sensitive and worried that she is irritated or bothered or angry with me over little things. She says she isnt and that I apologise or adjacent apologise too much. I think I am worried about being abandoned over something that would never be an issue when we are with each other.

I need help.

How do I relax and trust that she loves me and nothing will change that? What do I do when I start to worry and obsess that something might be bothering her? It never is but I keep doing it. I dont want this to be the thing that causes problems, worrying that there are problems when there arent any.

Source: http://www.loveforum.net/threads/72105-Long-distance-relationship

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thread: Sawdust in the house - Family Woodworking

The latest issue of Wood Magazine has a Harbor Freight coupon for their DC. On sale for $149.00.

I would think Cynthia that if you are blowing all the dust outside then some of it is blowing back in through open doors or windows Try using a shop coat and taking it off before you come inside.

My shop is in the basement. The only dust I get in the house is from my shoes. The dust collector and my air filter get it before it gets upstairs.

Source: http://familywoodworking.org/forums/showthread.php?28770-Sawdust-in-the-house

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Galaxy halos are produced by orphan stars, findings indicate

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Isolated stars kicked to the edges of space by violent galaxy mergers may be the cause of mysterious infrared light halos observed across the sky, according to UC Irvine and other astronomers.

"Background glow in our sky has been a huge unanswered question," said UCI physics & astronomy professor Asantha Cooray, lead author of a paper about the discovery in the Oct. 25 issue of the journal Nature. "We have new evidence that this light is from stars that linger between galaxies. Individually, they're too dim to be seen, but we think we're seeing their collective blush."

Cooray and colleagues examined 250 hours of data captured by NASA's powerful Spitzer Space Telescope from a large swath of sky called the Bo?tes field, which covers the equivalent of 40 full moons near the constellation of the same name. The large scale allowed the researchers to better analyze the patterns of diffuse light.

"Studying this faint background was one of the core goals of our survey, and we carefully designed the observations in order to directly address this important, challenging question," said co-author Daniel Stern of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

The team concluded that the infrared glow, while weak, is too strong to be consistent with earlier theories that it's being emitted by the very first celestial bodies. "The glow is just too bright to be from those ancient, far-off galaxies and stars," said UCI doctoral student and co-author Joseph Smidt.

Instead, the scientists have a new theory, saying it's "intracluster" or "intrahalo" starlight. Early in the history of the universe, as galaxies grew, they collided and bulked up in mass. As the crashing galaxies became gravitationally tangled, strips of stars were shredded and tossed into space as leftovers. Galaxies also grow by "swallowing" dwarf neighbors, a messy process that likewise results in stray stars. Cosmologists believe these orphaned stars produce the diffuse, blotchy smatterings of light that make up galaxy halos extending well beyond the outer reaches of galaxies.

Additional research is needed to confirm the theory. But the researchers say it makes sense. "A lightbulb went off when we were reading earlier papers predicting the existence of diffuse stars," Cooray said. "They explain what we're seeing with Spitzer."


University of California - Irvine: http://www.uci.edu

Thanks to University of California - Irvine for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

This press release has been viewed 38 time(s).

Source: http://www.labspaces.net/124809/Galaxy_halos_are_produced_by_orphan_stars__findings_indicate

Pretty Little Liars Ben Wilson Latest Presidential Polls trump debate presidential debate lance armstrong

Tigers hope bats warm up in World Series chill

Gage Brookens, grandson of Detroit Tigers first base coach Tom Brookens, goes after a ground ball during a baseball workout at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. The Tigers host the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of baseball's World Series on Saturday. The Giants lead the best-of-seven games series 2-0. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Gage Brookens, grandson of Detroit Tigers first base coach Tom Brookens, goes after a ground ball during a baseball workout at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. The Tigers host the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of baseball's World Series on Saturday. The Giants lead the best-of-seven games series 2-0. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Detroit Tigers warms up during workout at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. The Tigers host the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of baseball's World Series on Saturday. The Giants lead the best-of-seven games series 2-0. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera points to an area of the field as he talks to his teammates during the workout at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. The Tigers host the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of baseball's World Series on Saturday. The Giants lead the best-of-seven games series 2-0. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya )

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland hits during a baseball workout at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. The Tigers host the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of baseball's World Series on Saturday. The Giants lead the best-of-seven games series 2-0. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Detroit Tigers pitcher Anibal Sanchez answers questions from reporters during a news conference at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. Sanchez is scheduled to start Game 3 of baseball's World Series against the San Francisco Giants on Saturday. The Giants lead the best-of-seven games series 2-0. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

DETROIT (AP) ? Toting his tiny aluminum bat, 5-year-old Gage Brookens wandered toward the cage and watched Austin Jackson, Omar Infante and a few other Tigers take batting practice on a chilly afternoon at Comerica Park.

Maybe that's what these slumping Detroit hitters need in this World Series. Metal bats, rather than their weak wood.

"Oh, I don't know if they'd allow that," kidded Gage's grandpop, Tigers first base coach Tom Brookens. "But the hitters definitely wouldn't mind."

Something better change for Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and the Tigers real soon or their year is going to end real shortly. They totaled only three runs and 10 hits in San Francisco while falling into a 2-0 deficit against the Giants.

Game 3 is Saturday night, with Anibal Sanchez starting for Detroit against Ryan Vogelsong.

The Tigers are hoping that a switch in scenery ? the ivy hanging on the center-field backdrop at Comerica has turned to autumn colors since the AL championship series ? and a flip in pitchers might help.

Throttled by left-handed starters Barry Zito and Madison Bumgarner at AT&T Park, the Tigers are eager to see a right-hander. Any right-hander, in fact: Detroit batted .275 against righties, .253 vs. lefties.

"Sometimes you can't explain it," Tigers catcher Alex Avila said before a workout Friday. "In our case, we've had trouble all year with left-handed pitching, which is strange because we have a lot of good hitters on the team."

"It'll be a nice change, obviously, to face a right-hander because we've had more success."

The Tigers will see Vogelsong, followed by fellow right-hander Matt Cain in Game 4.

"We've gone through spurts this whole season where we've thrown the ball like this as a staff," Vogelsong said. "We obviously had our downtime there in the middle of September and at the end of August."

"And we're just all kind of hitting our stride here at the same time. It's up to me and Matt now to keep it going over here in Detroit."

Tigers manager Jim Leyland plans to insert speedy rookie Quintin Berry and Andy Dirks in his outfield.

A few big hits would certainly energize the Tigers. So might a few breaks, they believe.

"The ball just hasn't rolled our way yet," Berry said. "They got a hit off the third-base bag. They had a bunt that wouldn't go foul. They made great catches in left field.

"But no excuses. We're back at home, this is our chance."

No mistaking that the Series has shifted from California to Michigan.

In San Francisco, it was downright balmy in the 60s, and made for a pair of picture-perfect settings to play ball.

At Comerica, it was in the mid-40s and the lights were turned on while the Tigers worked out. The forecast was for Game 3 was for temperatures to drop into the upper 30s in the later innings.

"We have got heaters in the dugout for both teams, obviously. Ours is going to be a little warmer than theirs, I think, tomorrow night," Leyland said. "But that's all right. We're not going to tell them that. I'm just kidding."

"You know what? It's cold, but I mean this is the World Series. It's cold for everybody. It's cold for the fans, the beer is cold, everything is cold. It's great. Enjoy it."

While the Tigers have lost five straight World Series games dating to 2006 against St. Louis, they've also won five postseason home games in a row. Detroit began that string last year in the ALCS, took two against Oakland this year in the division series and then finished off an ALCS sweep of the Yankees.

Overall, the Tigers have taken eight straight at home.

"I think a lot of teams, your really good teams, they dominate at home. That's what they do ? the Cardinals, the Reds, they were really tough at home," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said.

"We ended up having a pretty good home record, despite having some struggles there in September or late August. But it's a team that feeds on probably their home crowd, and they're more comfortable at home, and that's usually the case in baseball. But this certainly is a club that we know is playing very well here."

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/347875155d53465d95cec892aeb06419/Article_2012-10-26-World%20Series/id-682a73bc7be0440b962a1e7bccbbebfe

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12 Generous Startups: $10,000 Worth Of Web Tools (From Box, Twilio, HotGloo And More) Offered Free To 1,000 Young Startups

startup packQ: What do you do when you've shut down one startup before getting work on the next one? The answer, in Matthieu Vaxelaire's case, is help out some other would-be entrepreneurs by launching a not-for-profit to give away 1,000 bundles of free web tools, each worth more than $10,000. These Startup Packs are available to startups that have launched in the last two years and raised less than ?250,000.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/Rtc1Cczrq6U/

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Kids stabbed dead in NYC home; nanny, knife nearby

New York Police Department's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Brown responds to questions during a news conference Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, New York. Police say a nanny at a luxury New York City apartment building has stabbed two small children to death in a bathtub and stabbed herself. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

New York Police Department's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Brown responds to questions during a news conference Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, New York. Police say a nanny at a luxury New York City apartment building has stabbed two small children to death in a bathtub and stabbed herself. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

New York Police officers stand outside a building located at 57 West 75th street Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, New York. Police say a nanny at the luxury New York City apartment building has stabbed two small children to death in a bathtub and stabbed herself. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

New York Police Department's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Paul Brown responds to questions during a news conference Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012, New York. Police say a nanny at a luxury New York City apartment building has stabbed two small children to death in a bathtub and stabbed herself. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

(AP) ? A mother returned home to her luxury apartment building near Central Park on Thursday to find two of her small children stabbed to death in a bathtub and their nanny, with self-inflicted stab wounds, lying near them, police said.

The nanny, who was found near a knife, was hospitalized in critical condition and was in police custody, and authorities said she is suspected of killing the children, who were pronounced dead at a hospital.

The children's father, CNBC digital media executive Kevin Krim, who had been away on a business trip, was met by police at the airport on his return and was given an escort to the hospital where his loved ones had gathered.

The couple's apartment building sits in one of the city's most idyllic neighborhoods, a block from Central Park, near the Museum of Natural History and blocks from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The neighborhood is home to many affluent families, and seeing children accompanied by nannies is an everyday part of life there, making the idea of such violence even more disturbing to residents.

Music therapist Rima Starr, who lives on the same floor as the family, said she heard screams coming from their apartment at around 5:30 p.m.

"There was some kind of screaming about, 'You slit her throat!'" she said. "It was horrible."

The children's mother, Marina Krim, entered the dark apartment with her 3-year-old and initially thought her other two children were out with the 50-year-old nanny, police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. She went downstairs and asked the doorman at her building, La Rochelle, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, whether he'd seen them leave. When he said no, she went back upstairs and discovered her 1-year-old son, Leo, and her 6-year-old daughter, Lucia, known as LuLu, in the bathroom, Kelly said. It's unclear how many times the children were stabbed.

The nanny was found on the bathroom floor with stab wounds to her neck, and a kitchen knife was close by, police said. There was no water in the bathtub, they said.

Kelly said it's unclear how long the nanny had worked for the family and the police investigation was ongoing.

Starr, the neighbor, said she believed the nanny had been hired just recently.

"I met her in the elevator, the day before yesterday, and was making small talk," she said.

After police arrived, she said, the mother remained in the building's lobby, screaming hysterically and clutching her surviving child.

On a webpage devoted to a recent family wedding, the eldest of the children, Lulu, is described as loving "art projects, ballet, and all things princess." The youngest, Leo, was said to be just learning how to walk.

The family had moved to New York from San Francisco within the last few years. The children's father was named general manager of CNBC's digital media division in March, after working previously in digital media at Bloomberg. Their mother had a cooking blog and taught art classes to young children.

The family lived in a stately, late 19th-century apartment building where one three-bedroom unit currently available for rent has an asking price of $10,000 per month. They had a greyhound, retired from racing, named Babar.


Associated Press writer David B. Caruso contributed to this report.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/386c25518f464186bf7a2ac026580ce7/Article_2012-10-25-Children%20Stabbed-Nanny%20Arrested/id-a2e3b68a01d6453a82d61448eb167501

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Small Business Sales with Bank or Seller Financing Improve ...

Sunbelt Midwest has completed thousands of small business sales. Recent market improvement and transaction volumes continue to grow. Banks and motivated Sellers are financing more small business deals bringing opportunities to buyers.

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

Sunbelt Midwest works with various business advisers and bankers to coordinate the sale of small businesses. Brokers are increasingly working with banks to obtain term sheets for business loans before taking a business to market. This qualification process is helping buyers find the confidence to invest as well as improve their chances of securing small business financing. In recent years, obtaining bank financing for small business acquisitions could be challenging especially since many businesses experienced a slow down of sales during the recession. A solid, profitable business for sale with a term sheet in place validates investment potential to a buyer. Sunbelt Business Brokers educate buyers on their financing options, deal structures, and terms.

?A business broker?s role is to educate Sellers about ways to make their business attractive for sale as well as educate Buyers on the business acquisition process. A Sellers willingness to offer earn outs or a seller-financing note can make or break a transaction. Earn outs are typically based on projections of the business profits and structured over a one to three year term. A seller-financing note often bridges the value gap and the Sellers receive monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payments from the buyer. Although Sunbelt Business Brokers typically represent the sell-side of business transactions, we can be a valuable partner to a buyer. We have strategic partnerships and ongoing relationships with bankers, attorneys, and business owners that bring buyers valuable insight for successful deal negotiation,? said Ed Krajcir, President of the Milwaukee office of Sunbelt Midwest. ?Deals that combine cash, seller-financing, and or bank financing are the deals we are most often seeing go to the closing table in today?s market.?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a very widely known lending source for small business development. The SBA offers several small business loan programs designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs open, acquire or grow businesses. According to their website Sba.gov, they recommend that before applying for a loan buyers have a clear financial picture of their financing needs. Certain factors come into play for influencing the decision of the lender to approve their request. A business profile and plan, demonstration of experience, collateral and a business pro-forma or financial records is often required. Below are a few key items the SBA and Sunbelt suggest buyers consider before applying for small business financing.


Offering some type of personal guaranty for the sale of a business will show a buyers commitment to the successful future of the business. By showing willingness for personal risk, it demonstrates seriousness to the bank and the Seller.


Buyers ideally should have the ability to bring up to 25% of the accepted purchase price in cash at closing. This shows a desire to invest in the business venture and a confidence in their ability to run the business.


Buyers who do not have as much cash or personal collateral to secure a business loan should tout their industry experience. A long successful history in the industry shows an understanding of the management of the business and its financial challenges. Often this can be the biggest asset to a buyer when going to a bank for lending. It can be particularly beneficial for a buyer to highlight their management experience.

Business Plan.

Lenders and Sellers will want to see a well thought out plan for a businesses future success. They want to know a buyer has a good understanding the businesses profits, and operating expenses. A buyer should account for their personal financial needs, determine a salary, and incorporate it into the business plan.

About Sunbelt Midwest

Sunbelt Midwest is an elite division of Sunbelt, the largest organization of business brokers and M & A professionals in the world. With five offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sunbelt Midwest is a premier brokerage. The business brokers and M & A intermediaries of Sunbelt Midwest, consistently rank in the top performers of Sunbelt International. Sunbelt Midwest is trusted with coordinating all of the national franchisor relationships for Sunbelt. Because of this interaction, Sunbelt Midwest has a unique ability to market businesses throughout Sunbelt internationally. Sunbelt Midwest truly has a GLOBAL reach!

Vanessa Mason
Sunbelt of Milwaukee
Email Information

Tags: ability, deals, financing, industry, management, milwaukee, personal, president, seller, sellers, small-business, sunbelt, sunbelt-midwest

Source: http://chinasy378.com/small-business-sales-with-bank-or-seller-financing-improve-opportunities-for-buyers/

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

[VIDEO] 121024 JYJ featured on ?Weekly Idol? : Idol Stars' Pet Dogs ...

Poor JJ, Jiji runs away from him and his dog ignores him. YC?s dog is the best probably because he actually took the time to train him and I couldn?t stop laughing at JS and his dog, lol this made my day.

Is it me or JYJ appears on this show like almost every week?

Source: http://jyj3.net/2012/10/24/video-121024-jyj-featured-on-weekly-idol-idol-stars-pet-dogs/

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Facebook Etiquette ? The Do's & Don'ts Of Community Management ...

So you?ve got your Facebook Business Page all set up. Your fan base is growing, and you?re reaching more and more people with each post. What happens when you hit a plateau and stop gaining fans? Or even worse, start losing them?

While building your fan base is gratifying, losing your fan base is the worst! There are no rules carved in stone as far as how you should run your Facebook business page, but there are definitely some general guidelines that you should be aware of.

Need some etiquette tips for your Facebook Business Page? Read on..

I manage 10+ Facebook business pages, and each one is different. Things that may work on one page don?t work on all of the pages. One of the keys to a successful social media?presence?is knowing your?audience. If your business is a pet store, or a?veterinarian?office, the majority of the content that you post should revolve around animals. One of the most popular pages that I manage is for Adirondack.net. The fans of this page enjoy the outdoors and outdoor photography. They love to share photos they take while in the Adirondacks. I know that the fans enjoy outdoor photography, so that?s what I give them.

Follow these basic guidelines and you?ll continue to build your fan base, and keep the fans that you already have!

1.) Respond To Your Fans & Answer Their Questions

You don?t have to respond to every single comment left on your Facebook page, but if a fan has a question that goes unanswered, they will begin to lose faith in your brand. You may not want to sort through hundreds of comments looking for these important inquiries, but you have to. This is what the social media scene is all about. Before social media, there was no way for your customers to communicate with you (and you with them). With the availability of these tools, you can gain a ton of valuable feedback from your fans. TIP:?activating?the ?Show ?Message? Button? in the Manage Permissions settings can help sort out questions from comments. Most fans will comment on posts, but if they really want to ask your business a question, they?ll send you a direct message (but only if you allow them to).

2.) Be Careful Of Your Tone, And Overuse Of Punctuation.

It?s not easy to judge the tone of voice when reading a message online. However, when your fans ask you a question on your Facebook page, they expect a human to answer the question. Responding with the generic ?We apologize for your inconvenience? won?t go nearly as far as saying ?We are sorry?. ?If a fan leaves a compliment or is praising your service/product, a simple ?Thanks!? will go a long way. Be careful though, a ?THANK YOU!!!!!!!!? can come off as annoying, and will probably be marked as spam by Facebook.

3.) Don?t Post Too Much Content

If you are constantly posting updates, there is no doubt that you will annoy a portion of your fans. One or two posts per day is enough to get noticed. A third post can be crucial if some big update needs to be released, or if there is breaking news. Remember, a fan isn?t really a fan if they have to block your updates.

4.) Be Active

When I say 2-3 posts per day, I mean updates that you are sending out to all of your fans. You should certainly be actively engaged in conversations that are taking place on your page, as well as on the competition?s page. If there is a discussion happening on a page that applies to your business, chime in! You can offer your opinion and maybe sway some loyalty your way, and at worst ? gain some exposure!

5.) Share Content That Your Fans Upload To The Page

This lets them know that you actually read what they?re writing. If you share a photo once a while, this will encourage your fans to upload more photos in the future. Everybody loves to see their?content being featured!

On the?Facebook Business Page for Adirondack.net, I try to share at least one user uploaded photo per day. This encourages our fans to upload more often, as they want to see their photo being featured and viewed by the rest of the fans.

Here are a few things you should avoid doing on your Facebook Business Page.

  • Don?t reply to all questions/comments with the same statement. A fan will only read ?Thanks for the comment? so many times before they get tired of it.
  • Don?t reply to a negative comment with a long rant about why the fan is wrong. Chances are good that your rant WON?T go viral, and you?ll just look like a jerk.
  • Don?t try to sell sell sell all the time. Share content from other pages that your fans might find interesting. Ask questions about your industry.

Do you have any tips that work well for your page? Post them in the comments section below!

Source: http://blog.mannixmarketing.com/2012/10/smo-etiquette/

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Monday, October 22, 2012

I Am Getting My Real Estate License, Do I Have To ... - Realtor.com


Q: How do I get an MLS lockbox? Also, I don?t want to be obligated to produce sales?Is there an agency I can work with that I can just pay if I close.

I am in the process of getting my realtor license and don?t want to work with a realtor agency?how can I get lock box key and MLS access?
?Lisha, Antioch, CA

A: In California you have to work under a Broker license if you only have your salesperson license. You cannot join the MLS and have access unless you are working under a member Broker license.

If you have your Broker license check with your local MLS to find out how to join.

Please visit the California Department of Real Estate website for more information.
Teri Andrews Murch is a Realtor? with Lyon Real Estate in Auburn, CA.

Are you interested in having a qualified REALTOR answer your questions? Click through to Ask a REALTOR? now.

Are you a REALTOR who would like to answer consumer questions? Click through to become an Ask a REALTOR? participant.

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  1. Do You Need A Real Estate License To Do Real Estate Investing?
  2. How Does Florida Handle Commissions To Unlicensed International Real Estate Brokers?
  3. Can A California Broker Also Be A Real Estate Investor?
  4. Can I Fulfill Florida Real Estate Licensing Requirements Online?
  5. Where Should I Start And What Should I Take In College To Start In Real Estate?

Source: http://www.realtor.com/blogs/2012/10/22/i-am-getting-my-real-estate-license-do-i-have-to-work-with-an-agency/

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Friday, October 19, 2012

1880 sq ft modern Indian style house elevation design | Home ...

1880 sq ft modern Indian style house elevation design1880 sq ft modern Indian style house elevation design from Greenline Architects.??
House in Details
Ground floor - 1120 sq. ft.
first floor -760 sq. ft.
Total Area - 1880 sq. ft.
bedroom - 3
bathroom - 4

Porch, Sit Out, Living, Dining, Bedroom,Dress, Bathroom, Kitchen, Work Area, balcony,open terrace.

For more details please contact (Home design service at Kerala)
Greenline Architects & builders
Akkai Tower,
1 st floor,
Thali croos Road.Calicut
Email : greenlineplan@gmail.com

Source: http://www.indianhomedesign.com/2012/10/1880-sq-ft-modern-indian-style-house.html

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Boy Scouts release list of banned leaders, volunteers | WTVR.com ...

(CNN) ? ?More than 20,000 confidential Boy Scout documents were released Thursday identifying more than 1,000 leaders and volunteers banned from the group after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys.

The public release of the Scouts? 1,247 ?ineligible volunteer files? from 1965 to 1985 does not identify the boy victims and witnesses. The national files are being distributed with the approval of the Oregon Supreme Court by a law firm that won an $18.5 million judgment in 2010 against the Boy Scouts in a case where a Scoutmaster sexually abused a boy.
[BONUS: Click here for the complete list]

Wayne Perry, president of Boy Scouts of America, said the group is deeply committed to youth protection, but he acknowledged that in some cases, the organization?s responses to allegations of abuse by volunteers ?were plainly insufficient, inappropriate or wrong.?

?Where those involved in Scouting failed to protect, or worse, inflicted harm on children, we extend our deepest and sincere apologies to victims and their families,? Perry said in a statement issued Wednesday evening. ?While it is difficult to understand or explain individuals? actions from many decades ago, today Scouting is a leader among youth-serving organizations in preventing child abuse.?

The Boy Scouts opposed the release of the internal records and said their confidentiality has encouraged prompt reporting of questionable behavior and privacy for victimized boys and their families.

?While we respect the court, we are still concerned that the release of two decades? worth of confidential files into public view, even with the redactions indicated, may still negatively impact victims? privacy and have a chilling effect on the reporting of abuse,? the organization said.

The Scouts also released a September report from a University of Virginia psychiatry professor, Janet Warren, who concluded that the system ?has functioned well in keeping many unfit adults out of Scouting.?

But the attorneys representing victims in several lawsuits against the Scouts say the group hid evidence from the public and police and that the so-called perversion files offer insight into what they deem a serious problem in the organization.

The secrecy protected more than 1,000 suspected child molesters, said the attorneys, who publicly released the documents during a news conference at a hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. The attorneys are also seeking the release of post-1985 files from the Boy Scouts.

The files show that the expelled Scout leaders and volunteers ? all men ? ?are sociopathic geniuses,? said attorney Kelly Clark of Portland, who has reviewed the 20,000 pages and is among the attorneys releasing the papers Thursday.

?They fool everybody,? he said. ?And then they are able to coerce, convince or threaten these kids to stay silent. And you see that play out over and over again in the files.?

Clark said he represents more than 100 men who as children were in the Boy Scouts, and he estimates that more than 50% of his clients have drug or alcohol problems. At least three of them have committed suicide, he said.

Tim Kosnoff, an attorney in Seattle, said the abuse allegedly inflicted on the men as boys ?has a corrosive effect? in which trust, relationship and sexuality issues develop with adulthood.

One former Boy Scout represented by Kosnoff, Keith Early, joined the group at 12, recruited by an assistant Scoutmaster who was a married firefighter with three children and led Scout meetings in a church in Washington state.

Early, now 18, was sexually abused by the Scout leader while helping build a Boy Scout camp on his 42-acre ranch, he said in an interview with CNN. The assistant Scoutmaster was convicted of abusing Early and another boy and is now serving a prison sentence of 10 years to life.

?I felt like I was all alone,? Early said. ?Just thinking about it makes me angry ? because how could you do that to somebody? How could you bring yourself to do that to somebody who is so innocent and has done nothing wrong??

The number of files started each year ranged from 25 to 75 at a time when about 5 million Scouts and volunteers were active, according to Warren?s report. In most cases, ?police, courts and public were aware of the information in the files,? and 58% ?included information known to the public.?

There were ?a small number of files where an alleged offender was allowed back into Scouting after offending,? often after psychiatric treatment, ?those cases were extraordinarily rare,? wrote Warren, who was an expert witness for the Boy Scouts during the court case.

Tim Hale, a Santa Barbara, California, attorney who?s representing allegedly abused Scouts who are now adults, said the released documents could provide information about possible pedophiles.

?We?re talking about hundreds, if not thousands, of unidentified men who should be registered sex offenders who are roaming free in society, free to volunteer with other youth organizations, to work at schools and that sort of thing,? Hale said.

The Boy Scouts disputes that characterization of their files.

In a September 20 statement released by the Boy Scouts, Warren rebutted the characterization that the documents were ?secret files of hidden abuse? by pedophiles.

?The files show a significant amount of public knowledge of the offenders and their unlawful acts. For example, over 60% of the files being made available to the public include some kind of public information. These public domain sources included newspaper articles, police reports, criminal justice records, and records of civil litigation. The majority of men in the files were arrested at some point in their lives for a sex crime,? Warren wrote.

The files are also ?very limited in their ability to answer important research questions about sexual abuse,? she said.

?While some have attempted to categorize these files as a ?treasure trove? of information about pedophiles and their actions, that simply is not the case,? Warren said. ?These files tell us precisely what researchers already knew, and have known for many years: some small number of men will use a position of trust and access to young people to pursue illegal sexual gratification. This is a sad reality that has been with us throughout human history.?

The Boy Scouts say they have improved their youth protection policies the past decade and have initiated such practices as third-party, computerized background checks on all new adult volunteers. Also, at least two adults are present at all scouting activities, the group said.

The Scouts, founded by congressional charter in 1910, instituted character reference checks for Scoutmasters in 1911 and, by the 1920s, began using an ineligible volunteers list deemed not having ?the moral, emotional or character values for membership,? the group said.

In June, the Oregon Supreme Court upheld a lower-court decision to release the documents as requested by media outlets.

?The court had discretion to order, on good cause shown, the release of those documents subject to the redaction of names set out in the exhibits to protect victims of child sexual abuse and reporters of child sexual abuse from embarrassment, retaliation or other harm,? the state Supreme Court said in its order. ?The court in this case properly exercised that authority.?

The media companies seeking the release of the files were The Associated Press, The Oregonian newspaper in Portland, Oregon Public Broadcasting, KGW (a CNN affiliate), The New York Times and Courthouse News Service.

Those media outlets intervened in a 2010 lawsuit in Oregon that resulted in the largest judgment against the Scouts in a molestation case.

That year, an Oregon jury found the Boy Scouts liable for the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy more than 25 years earlier, returning a verdict of $18.5 million in punitive damages and $1.4 million in actual damages.

The plaintiff, Kerry Lewis, then 38, allowed his name to be used publicly during the trial, according to his attorneys. He was among six men suing the Boy Scouts over allegations of sexual abuse.

Lewis? attorney, Clark, produced documents during the six-week trial that he said were part of an archive of previously secret Boy Scout files chronicling decades of abuse of boys.

Clark said that when his clients were boys during the 1980s, the Boy Scouts knew that at least one of them had been abused by a former assistant Scoutmaster. At the time of the 2010 trial, that former assistant Scoutmaster was a 53-year-old convicted sex offender released from prison in 2005 and paroled until 2013.

Clark also alleged that though the Scout leader was removed, he was allowed to stay on as a volunteer and the abuse continued. In 1983, the assistant Scoutmaster told troop leaders he abused 17 Scouts, according to plaintiff?s attorneys.

In its verdict, the jury held the Boy Scouts of America 60% negligent; the Cascade Pacific Council, which oversees Scouting activities in the region, 15% negligent; and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 25% negligent.

The church has sponsored a number of Boy Scout troops, including the one to which the plaintiff belonged. A lawyer representing the church said then that the verdict had no impact on the church, because it settled the case out of court more than a year earlier.

Source: http://wtvr.com/2012/10/18/boy-scouts-sex-abuse-list-banned-leaders-volunteers/

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rolling Stones to play New Jersey, London

LONDON - You can't always get what you want ? but if your desire is to attend a Rolling Stones concert this might be your lucky day.

The legendary band said Monday it would return to the stage this year with four concerts in Britain and the United States. The shows will take place on Nov. 25 and 29 at London's O2 Arena, followed by gigs on Dec. 13 and 15 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, just outside of New York.

The shows mark the first time in five years that the Stones have performed live, with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood all coming together once more. The band said it was the "crowning glory" of celebrations marking its 50th anniversary of its first gig.

"Everybody loves a celebration, and London and New York are two good places to do it in!" Jagger said in a statement.

The Stones have sold more than 200 million records, with hits including "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," ''Street Fighting Man" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

But in recent years much of their income has come from touring. Their last global tour, "A Bigger Bang," earned more than $500 million between 2005 and 2007.

Their legions of fans will hear era-defining tracks such as "Gimme Shelter," ''Jumping Jack Flash," ''Tumbling Dice," ''It's Only Rock and Roll," plus a few surprises and other classics from GRRR!, the multiformat album coming out in November.

"GRRR!" is a greatest hits collection that includes two new songs "Doom and Gloom" and "One More Shot," recorded recently in Paris ? the first new recordings since the 2005 album "A Bigger Bang."

The band promises an all-new, custom-built set design, featuring the tongue and floppy lip logo, that will "reach out into the crowd." A wider tour is not planned, though the Dec. 15 performance will be available on pay per view.

The tour comes despite some famously testy times.

Richards and Jagger have been creative catalysts and sparring partners ? sentiments aggravated two years ago when Richards published his autobiography "Life."

They've nonetheless appeared amicably together during events that marked their 50th anniversary. A documentary about the band, "Crossfire Hurricane," premieres at the London Film Festival on Thursday.

In another milestone marking their five decades of music, the Museum of Modern Art in New York will host "The Rolling Stones: 50 Years on Film," a retrospective chronicling the band from the mid-1960s until today. This exhibition will be open Nov. 15.


All ticketing information is available at www.rollingstones.com

Source: http://feeds.canada.com/~r/canwest/F7366/~3/10bAgIMb7tk/story.html

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