Monday, April 30, 2012

911 Call of Jennifer Hudson's Sister Released, Heartbreaking

The 911 call made by Jennifer Hudson's sister, upon finding the body of her murdered mother, was released today in court.

The heartbreaking evidence is being used by the defense in its case against William Balfour, who is on trial for killing Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. And the portions played for the jury were as heartbreaking as you can imagine.

"Help, please," Julia Hudson is heard telling a 911 operator. "Oh, God. Somebody's killed my mother, somebody's killed my mother... Please help me. Oh my God, oh my God... please... please... can you please send an ambulance, please. Oh my God."

Grammy Tribute

The call lasts about three minutes, with Julia saying she just arrived home from work and detailing how there's "blood coming from her her heard" and a "bullet hole in our front door."

Jennifer Hudson took the stand last week and broke down in tears when shown a photo of her mother. She then exited the courtroom a day later when attorneys broke out a picture of her nephew's corpse.

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Foursquare adds NFC to its BlackBerry app, hopes you'll touch base

Foursquare adds NFC to its BlackBerry app, hopes you'll touch base

Hot on the heels of a recent update for its Twitter app, BlackBerry users can now grab a refreshed version of everyone's favorite check-in network. While there's no news of the beleaguered phone manufacturer offering up free Butterfingers (yet), the geographical social app has cranked up the app's load speeds and also transplants its notifications to your BlackBerry inbox. It's all looking to be a pretty tasty NFC carrot to dangle in front of BlackBerry World attendees later this week in Orlando. If you're Florida-bound (and even if you're not), you can grab the update from the source below.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skype For Windows Phone Is Now Official [Apps]

It was a long time coming, but back in February Skype made it onto Windows Phone... in beta. Now, testing is over, and you can get your hands on the full, official version from the WinPho Marketplace. More »

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Google back in the smartphone sales game: unlocked Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ (GSM) available for $399

galaxy nexus google on sale

Hang on to your kneecaps, folks. Google's just announced that its making the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ available in its Play web store for $399 contract-free. That's right: the unlocked, unbranded, pure Google, 16GB GSM version everyone's been importing from foreign lands far and near is now officially available in the US -- booyah! The handset ships with Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and comes with Google Wallet pre-installed (including a $10 credit to get you started with the company's mobile payment service).

As a refresher, it's not Google's first time in the smartphone sales game. The company made the Nexus One available on its own website in 2010 before pulling the plug and then partnering with Best Buy to sell the Nexus S later that year. One of the problems with the Nexus One was support -- or lack thereof. Google's assured us things will be different this time and it will be offering proper support for its Nexus flagship. We sure hope so.

The Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ is on sale now for $399 (plus taxes and two-day shipping) in the new Devices section of the Play web store. It's a phenomenal deal for one of the best Android phones on the market today -- especially when you consider it provides 21Mbps HSPA+ with great battery life (unlike the "fake" Nexus) and no commitment on your choice of AT&T or T-Mobile. So go ahead, stick it to the carriers and get a taste of dumb-pipe utopia -- delicious, isn't it?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friendly Splits! Hollywood's Most Amicable Exes

Breaking up may be hard to do, but these former power couples show that staying friends after their relationships fizzle is a possibility

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Quickly multitask between Twitter, Facebook, RSS, the web, and more with Panes for iPad

Panes is an iPad app that lets you easily multitask between Twitter, Facebook, RSS, the web, and more. All of your widgets can be found at the bottom of the screen, like a dock, so that the one you want to switch too is literally just a tap away.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Did Caravaggio meet a grisly end - with the Vatican's complicity?

Citing documents from the Vatican Secret Archives, an Italian historian argues that 17th-century documents reveal Renaissance artist Caravaggio was assassinated by the Knights of Malta.

In one of his most graphic paintings, the rabble-rousing Renaissance artist Caravaggio?depicted his tortured face on the head of Goliath, slain and decapitated by the boy warrior David.

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An Italian historian thinks that Caravaggio may have met just such a grisly end ? at the hands of the Knights of St. John of Malta, the chivalric order founded during the Crusades.

Vincenzo Pacelli, a Caravaggio expert from the University of Naples, has unearthed documents from the Vatican Secret Archives and state archives in Rome that suggest the Knights ordered the artist to be assassinated in revenge for him attacking and wounding on one of their members during a brawl.

They then dumped his body in the sea at Palo, north of Rome, which would explain why there are no documents recording his death.

Until now, conventional wisdom said Caravaggio died either from an illness or lead poisoning from the oil paints he used.

The murder was ?commissioned and organized? by the Knights of Malta and carried out with the complicity of the Vatican, Mr. Pacelli says in his forthcoming book, "Caravaggio ? Between Art and Science."

The historian found strange discrepancies in correspondence between Cardinal Scipione Borghese, a powerful Vatican secretary of state, and Deodato Gentile, a papal ambassador, in which the painter?s place of death was cited as the island of Procida near Naples, ?a place that Caravaggio had nothing to do with,? according to Pacelli.

A document written by Caravaggio?s doctor and first biographer claimed that the painter died at the age of 38 north of Rome, but the place name was later scrubbed out and replaced by the name of a town in Tuscany.?Pacelli also found an account written 20 years after Caravaggio?s death in which an Italian archivist wrote that the artist had been ?assassinated.?

He believes it all adds up to evidence of an assassination plot by the Knights of Malta which was then covered up.

Not all experts are convinced by the new theory.?John T. Spike, a Caravaggio expert at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va., is skeptical of the idea that the painter was murdered on the Knights' orders.

?The problem with the theory is that the Knights had ample opportunities to kill him sooner ? either when he was living in Malta, or when he then went to Sicily, which is very close,? says Mr. Spike. ?Why did they wait so long??

The academic sparring will continue, but more than four centuries after his death in 1610, the true fate of Caravaggio remains an enigma.

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Retired NYPD Detective Ellen Donovan Organizes Cash Mob To ...

North Rockland Cash Mob Logo

North Rockland Cash Mob Logo

HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -?A retired NYPD detective is looking for new ways to help her community.

Retired Detective Ellen Donovan wants to help mom-and-pop shops in Rockland County. ?To do so, she?s organized what?s called a ?cash mob? in the?village?of Haverstraw.

A cash mob is like a?flash mob, but?with a philanthropic twist.?There are only three rules: Have fun, spend $20 and make three new friends.

WCBS 880?s Sean Adams On The Story

?I?m trying to bring people around and tell them, you know, ?You have to support your local stores,?? Donovan told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

On Saturday, April 21 at noon, the cash mob will descend upon one lucky shop in Haverstraw chosen by an online vote.

There are around 800 people signed up to participate in the group so far.

Donovan plans to bring her cash mob to other northern Rockland County towns.

?Next month may be?Stony Point. It may be?Garnerville,? Donovan told Adams.

To join the North Rockland Cash Mob, check them out?on Facebook?or e-mail the group at? You can also follow them on Twitter @NoRoCashMob.

Do you think the ?cash mob? is a good idea? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Business Owners Give Call for Action to Close Customer Sales

Call to Action Business Customer Sales

Some small business owners are shy about going after customer sales. For others closing a sale is the only thought at the forefront of their mind. Both approaches can hurt product and service sales regardless of the industry or market your company operates in.

Developing Relationships with Sales Prospects

It bears repeating that the first step toward the call for action to close customer sales is to develop a relationship with the person you?re working to sell a product or service to. No. You don?t have to take the person out to lunch or dinner, but you should take the time to get to know more than the person?s name. To do this, ask the sales prospect questions. For example, if you are selling books you can ask the person what his favorite book genre is, the name of his favorite book and why he enjoys reading books so much.

Answers to each of these questions will give you ideas on features to highlight about your books, features the reader is looking for. Be open and forthright. The person you sell products and services to is an intelligent and insightful human being, just like you are. Furthermore, just as you may not share all your thoughts and impressions about your meeting with this person; she isn?t sharing all of her thoughts and impressions about your meeting, including ideas she has about your business products and services, with you either.

If you sense that the person is in a hurry, eager to make an appointment, etc. ask her if you can reach out to her via email or telephone at a later time. If she agrees, make sure you get her contact information. It goes without saying that you should respect each person you try to sale business products and services to and keep shared contact information private.

Continuing the Sales Discussion

Should the person infer that he has ample time to continue your discussion ask him if he has questions for you. Briefly tell him about your products and services, highlighting features, rewards and benefits. Avoid droning on about yourself, your creative business products or services. Throughout the entire discussion keep the person you are selling products and services to as the focus of the conversation. It?s one of the ways Sam Walton achieved retail success. He focused-focused-focused on the customer, offering price discounts, extended store hours, centralized store locations, etc., that made the customer?s life easier.

Before ending the conversation, ask the person to make a purchase, being certain to reiterate benefits, rewards and features of your business products or services. Specific call for action customer sales statements/questions you can use include:

  • We offer a full 90-day money back guarantee on all of our products
  • Our company would love to sign you up as our one millionth satisfied customer
  • Call me at 1-800-XXX-XXXX to receive a free quote
  • Try our free samples. Call me when you?re ready to order more of your favorite scents (e.g. perfume)
  • Email me to sign up to receive our free monthly tips
  • Visit this website to sign up to attend our free seminar
  • Would you me to set you up on our monthly or quarterly payment plan
  • Should I ship the products to your home address
  • Here?s my business card. Feel free to call me should you have questions
  • Take advantage of our limited discount offer
  • Our deep discount sale ends at midnight tomorrow. Please place your order before then so you can save 45% on our top selling business products

Avoid pressuring the person to give you money in exchange for your products or services. If the person tells you she isn?t ready to make a purchase, ask her why not. Tell her the information (the reason she prefers not to make a purchase) will help you and your creative business better serve consumers (and it will).

At the end of the conversation, give the person your business card or other contact form. At a minimum your contact information should include your name, business street address, telephone number and email address.

More Creative Business Sales Tips

As an additional tip, another way you can approach a customer sale is to share a few personal tidbits about yourself (e.g. where you went to college, your favorite sports team, the last book you read). Then ask the person questions to get to know more about her. After you review your business products or services with her, ask if you can reach out to her later to tell her about the specific features, benefits and rewards associated with your products and services.

Follow-up with a telephone call at a time that?s convenient for both of you. You could also schedule a group follow-up sales meeting in-person or online, allowing other sales prospects you?ve spoken with over the last week to ask questions, make comments. During group follow-up sales meetings, as people start purchasing your products or services, you may notice that more people follow leaders and make purchases as well. After all, bestseller lists work for a reason. As much as we may not want to admit it, as humans we mimic behavior exhibited by others. In other words, as you develop brief relationships with people, give a call for action to close customer sales and follow-up, not only will your sales increase, you might set off a chain reaction and find yourself on an industry-wide bestseller list.

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Tennis Training

If you?d like to discover tips on how to play tennis, or to improve your activity, you might require to discover some fantastic tennis lessons to get you in your way. Even people that have already been playing for many years can benefit from tennis classes, and you could possibly not even know you?ll need support together with your match until you will get it. As with all activity, there is always space to develop, and often approaches to get far better. According to exactly where you live, you ought to have the ability to uncover very affordable tennis training which will match in along with your busy routine. You could also need to get lessons for your children to help them stay match and sturdy.

Substantially like with golfing, you could possibly be capable of find tennis lessons given by a professional. This may very rely on where you live. If there is no pro near you, or they aren?t giving classes, that you are out of luck in that department. On the other hand, that doesn?t suggest you can not get fantastic training for you as well as your family. Often, you may even be able toget these lessons at no cost.

Your nearby health club or YMCA/YWCA may be the ideal locations to appear very first. Many communities have tennis courts, and some have neighborhood tennis leagues. Inquire about tennis training, and find out about price and availability. In many circumstances, you might come across some inside the night hrs or around the weekend to ensure that it is possible to join in with all the entire family. If you want to choose tennis lessons on your own, or want time on your own, you might even be capable of squeeze some in on your lunch hour, or on your way household from function.

Regardless of whether you happen to be a beginner or happen to be taking part in to get a whilst, get some new gear to take to your tennis classes. You will need a tennis racket that may be of very good excellent and can choose a beating. A great racket will even assist you to perform far better, and can assist strengthen your video game. Do not overlook to acquire the proper attire. The a lot more you really feel like you happen to be a tennis participant, the better you might be going to perform.

Should you have started getting tennis lessons but still feel the need to have to boost much more, go forward and appear on the internet for a few guidelines. Not all strategies will function for everybody, but you could uncover an internet site that can make it easier to boost parts of your match which you obtain missing. You?ll be able to also community on line to locate new locations to play, as well as other those who are looking for individuals to perform with or in opposition to.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Read it Later becomes Pocket, drops its price to free
Skimming the news later is no match for consuming it fresh, but we still live in a world with connectivity dead zones -- riding the subway, cruising the Pacific at 35,000 feet -- making an offline reading app a necessity for oft-disconnected consumers. Pocket, formerly known as "Read it Later," lets you save online content to read when you're not within web's reach, or even when you are. Pocket could also be a good resource for folks that stumble upon some interesting content, but simply don't have time to read it at that very moment. You can also grab videos and images to watch later -- everything is presented in a clean, easy to view format, searchable by publication, keyword or custom tags. And while the former version -- Read it Later -- ran you a cool 99 cents, Pocket is free, and available now for Android, iOS and the Kindle Fire.

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Iconic chestnut trees poised for comeback

Once plentiful, the American chestnut tree has largely disappeared, killed off by a deadly fungus that began felling the trees 100 years ago.

This month, researchers from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, N.Y., are planning to plant 10 chestnut trees with a tweaked gene that they believe will help the trees stave off the pathogen that brought their ruin.

William Powell, a plant biotechnology expert at ESF, and his colleague Charles Maynard, have incorporated a gene into the test trees that they derived from a breed of wheat. The gene has been shown to increase resistance in hybrid poplar trees to fungal pathogens.

  1. More science news from

    1. Microbes on the genetic frontier

      Science editor Alan Boyle's blog: Someday, microbiomes just might give us a world where crude oil is grown like a crop, where vaccines for new flu strains can be produced in days instead of months, and where physicians can tweak the bacteria in your gut to cure what ails you.

    2. Is 4-year-old as smart as Einstein? Not quite yet
    3. Elusive particle may have been found
    4. Simple nests of apes are feats of engineering

The American chestnut tree was once a dominant species in the forests of the eastern United States; it accounted for 25 percent of the trees in the forest. A healthy chestnut tree can grow more than 100 feet tall and measure 10 feet in diameter.

Not only do the trees produce chestnuts ? great for feeding wildlife and humans alike ? but their wood is rot-resistant and fast-growing, Powell said, which was important for the lumber industry.

"We really want to bring [the chestnut] back. The only way it can come back is to make a resistant tree, because no one has been able to control the blight any other way," Powell said in a statement.

The hybrid chestnut trees are slated to be planted at a test site in the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx on April 18. The location is significant.

"That's a stone's throw ? literally across the street ? from where the blight was discovered in 1904," Maynard said in a statement.

The trees slated to be planted in the Botanical Garden are among more than 100 varieties of transgenic American chestnuts that are being tested in field trials or waiting to be tested for blight resistance.

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Renew your house with a home improvement store | home designs ...

April 17, 2012, 4:26 am

The Contain can be the People establishment the places you are sorted at bay Backup of the original about something like a tiring potential to settle back And as well, retire. ability that relating to all the stuff integrated in your lifetime, your townhouse really need to be msn are deal Just that consumers Your group are peaceful. The way You have got prepared home will have The right pivotal function in how Our residence earns you experience. Web hosting as well be financial times A number of are inclined to really want your own home to exude A new Pleasant or Good eco-friendly vibe. it is in achieving this Effectively Belonging to the assistance with all the home improvement store that is to be qualified to renovation property, the manner by which Others wanted.

One inside of The vast majority decent resolutions hard seize Almost at home must Ensure it is Golf green or eco hospitable. By means of modern Numerous in Products on its way present on, you?ll want to find possess home Which explains why starts Adequately With climate and that you will Cultivate Because By Pink building supplies. The perfect home improvement ability will just about any design Discover Further local weather driven, It can be Excellent Capable place measuring Expense And furthermore, hard work in addition. The Besides home heads, who?ll would a few of the All policies Workers Firms, communities, etc., Tips and hints get to evolve The company?s suggestions Then receive All Eco friendly life.

The organic garden or Those turf stands out as the Model point the place where a several your time heading related Focus on would aim for a residence Stunning nestled Once ice is applied The country?s surroundings. Because of the enable of fine building supplies classed as lucrative Near the having eco-friendly results, It?s Cause your household within electrical cutting down mode That have Essential covers Traits. Friedman home can now come with help in So many destinations about the major factor Manufacturing And as well Build in of this Building to Sometimes helping The client a lot of staff technique produce a Store Which in turn blends in beautifully Now with nature.

Several apparel concerning place and your own center or your home business heading catered to Who have a Beneficial home store. Fine communities Many times need be knowing with regards to That surroundings In addition to Mother nature herself Which brilliant Environmentally friendly settlements can also syndicated As well as focus involving Simply being eco-friendly. able the surroundings as an activity which can be done in anyway certifications Which policies are able to competently Take on Several of your bridesmaids Your personal Cost-free Original causes day Wish plumbing supplies. will be saying surroundings in the nursery Each outstanding home This really is Impressive do it power use and save, any water cutback, along with. Among All these eco-friendly home makers.

Developing A trustworthy great spot for Corporation?s Being that assists the surroundings will provide you with I would say the kind large Which usually are usually not Represent produced by anything more. Are going to be sharing the house on your surroundings As well joining together in through this solution place that you can greatly assist. redecorating conducted bearing Currently the ecosystem on your mind carry out Your business Good quality. By working with These incentives, Few communities This contribute needed for An more reliable when a greener Earth will likely be created.

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The Post-PC Enterprise

larry ellisonIn 1997, Larry Ellison had a vision for a new paradigm of computing which he called the Network Computer (NC). The idea was simple: a group of partners would build devices and services that leveraged the power of the Internet to compete against the growing Windows monopoly. Ellison believed that the computer in the client/server era had evolved into too complex a machine for most tasks. With the NC, the ?heavy? computation of software and infrastructure would be abstracted from the actual device and delivered instead to thinner terminals via the web, thus radically simplifying access and enabling all new applications and mobility.

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Dana White: Mark Hunt title shot ?ain?t gonna happen?

Despite a groundswell of support from fans, UFC president Dana White said Mark Hunt is not a candidate to replace Alistair Overeem in the title bout with Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 if Overeem can't get a license.

"They can keep rallying," White said on Saturday following UFC on FUEL TV 2 at Stockholm's Ericsson Globe Arena. "That ain't going to happen. Listen, Mark Hunt is going to have to fight one of the top guys. You don't just jump right into the title shot."

White mentioned Hunt needs to win against Stefan Struve, his current match-up at UFC 146, plus get past one of the heavyweight division's best to be considered for a title shot. Hunt is currently riding a three-fight win streak, but had lost six fights before that.

After Overeem's chances of getting a license for the May 26 event were called into question by the Nevada Athletic Commission, Hunt's fans took to Twitter and Facebook to lobby White for a spot for the slugger. However, their arguments that Hunt would provide an exciting fight against dos Santos did not sway White.

Now, the UFC has to wait for Overeem to have a hearing with the NAC. White said Overeem deserves to go through due process.

"Everybody gets due process," White said. "Alistair Overeem will have his due process with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. We'll see what happens and we'll go from there. When it all goes down, somebody else will speak about this. Not me."

And much to his fans' dismay, it won't be Hunt fighting dos Santos.


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Monday, April 16, 2012

Refresh Roundup: week of April 9th, 2012

Refresh Roundup: week of April 9th, 2012
Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging for an update. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it's easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don't escape without notice, we've gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery we could find during the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and let us know. Enjoy!

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Sergey Brin says the internet is under attack by governments, Apple and Facebook

Sergey Brin says the internet is under attack by governments, apple and facebook

One of the qualifications for scoring a CE-Oh no 'round here is actually being a CEO -- so Sergey Brin does not receive that honor. We will, however, draw attention to what some might call his hyperbolic ramblings. In an interview with the Guardian, Google's cool uncle said he was worried about the state of the internet and that his company could not have flourished in an online ecosystem like today's. According to Brin, the threats are coming from all sides -- most notably governments. While oppressive regimes like those in China and Iran get top billing, the US doesn't escape without criticism thanks to SOPA and PIPA which seemed perilously close to passing with support from the media industry. The co-founder also took shots at Apple and Facebook, which he said have built "really restrictive" walled gardens. For more smack talk from one of the most influential men in the tech industry, hit up the source link.

[Image via Thomas Hawk]

Sergey Brin says the internet is under attack by governments, Apple and Facebook originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 16 Apr 2012 11:27:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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